Experienced Professionals for Document Conversions of All Shapes and Sizes

IMR Digital has a 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility in West Hazleton, PA that’s fully equipped with cutting-edge conversion and scanning technology capable of handling all types of documents. IMR Digital’s professional conversion service eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive scanning equipment and frees your employees from the labor intensive task of converting paper documents to digital format.

High Speed to Large Format – We’ve Got It All

IMR Digital’s production facility is adept at processing digital conversions for all types and sizes of documents. Our production center is equipped with scanning and conversion machinery capable of handling everything from high-speed processing of standard pages and large format drawings to microfilm and specialty books. Our team of skilled conversion technicians meticulously prepares every paper document prior to conversion.








    Microfilm Is Where It All Started For Us.

    We were founded over 40 years ago as a microfilm service bureau, making us uniquely qualified to handle your film-based media needs.

    Our Document Conversion team brings three decades of experience to your microfilm imaging, scanning and preservation needs.

    Our knowledgeable staff can convert all types of documents to 16mm or 35mm microfilm. Or from microfilm to digital. Whether you are looking to convert 8.5” x 11” business documents or oversized historical documents, we understand the conversion quality requirements for archival and historical purposes.

    Microfilm, Aperture Card or Microfiche – The IMR Digital Team Does It All For You.

    Our state-of-the-art ribbon Flexscan scanners can scan an entire reel of microfilm in one pass. As it is being scanned and digitized, our specialized software separates the page images on the microfilm reel into individual documents. After each reel is scanned, our technicians check and verify the image quality of the final output.

    While not document scanning in the strictest sense, another service that IMR offers is the scanning of aperture cards. Once popular as a means of storing and distributing engineering drawings, aperture cards can be scanned, and in many cases, treated similarly to scanned engineering drawings, allowing raster to vector conversion.

    For many organizations, microfilm is the approved form of long-term document archiving. Microfilm is not subject to degrading and is an eye-readable format that can be digitized multiple times. For long term storage, there is still no medium that can best microfilm. When stored properly, microfilm has a life expectancy of several hundred years.

    With the Digital Archive Writer equipment in our production facility, IMR Digital’s document specialists can convert all types and sizes of business or historical documents to 16mm or 35mm microfilm format. Additionally, we are well-versed in the conversion requirements mandated by historical societies, governmental agencies and archives.

    Architectural firms who work on projects for schools that are subject to PlanCon H requirements can send us their documents digitally. These files can be sent on a drive, or via FTP, Dropbox or other file sharing method. We will then make the microfilm copies required for submission.

    Our experienced microfiche technicians can convert individual microfiche sheets into high-resolution black & white or greyscale images in PDF, JPEG or TIFF file formats that can be viewed on any computer.

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    Ancestry.com, who uses millions of microfilm records to provide customers with details about their family history, relies on IMR Digital for microfilm conversion and scanning.


    Professional Document Conversion

    IMR Digital’s professional document conversion service eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive scanning equipment and frees your employees from the labor intensive task of converting paper documents to digital format.

    Our team of skilled conversion technicians meticulously prepare every paper document prior to conversion. We follow stringent quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of the digital file and preservation of the original document.

    Document Conversion – At Our Place Or Yours

    IMR Digital has a 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility in West Hazleton, PA that’s fully equipped with cutting-edge conversion and scanning technology capable of handling all types of documents. If you have sensitive documents or need ongoing access to files, IMR Digital also offers on-site document conversion services.

    Document Conversion is the first step in generating digital files to help facilitate a disaster recovery plan.

    IMR Digital has more than 30 years of experience in helping governmental agencies, education institutions and historical societies convert and preserve their one-of-a-kind paper records.

    Dealing with all kinds of records, ranging from hundred-year-old, fragile paper records to aging microfilm and oversized, handwritten books, IMR Digital has an archival preservation process designed to preserve and protect every unique item during the digital conversion process.

    Back File Scanning digitizes legacy documents associated with previous year’s activities. Whether you’re considering digitizing the complete compendium of your organization’s legacy documents or you’re prioritizing select group of files or years, IMR Digital’s Back File Scanning service can transform cumbersome paper documents into easily accessible digital formats.

    You’ve got to start somewhere, when converting from paper-based to digital documents. IMR Digital’s Day Forward Scanning establishes a set point from which all documents will be converted moving forward. Day Forward Scanning gives you just-in-time digital access to active documents that are essential to your work.

    The single pass optical character recognition (OCR) process transforms documents into a digital format that can be edited and printed. This process also enables quick keyword searches that are not possible with paper-based files. IMR Digital’s document specialists will work with you to determine which document data fields will be indexed during the conversion process.

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    Large Format Scanning Services

    IMR Digital’s state-of-the-art production center is equipped to handle scanning and conversion of all types of large format documents. Our large format, rotary scanning equipment can accommodate up to 42 inches in width and 8 feet in length. Full color, high-resolution (300 DPI) scans can be created in digital or microfilm format.

    IMR Digital’s skilled technicians can scan large format engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural and other large documents and convert them to digital format for use with document management systems or microfilm format for archival preservation.

    Our 25,000-square-foot, temperature-controlled, secure storage facility and stringent processing protocols protect your documents at all times. Safeguarding your documents is our priority during the conversion process and your confidentiality is never compromised. Our no compromise quality control measures ensure the accuracy of the digital conversion and preservation of the original large format documents.

    Turn A Paper Blueprint Into An Editable CAD File

    After your blueprint has been digitized, IMR Digital can transform the file into an editable CAD drawing. Our raster-to-vector (R2V) conversion transforms paper plans into intelligent AutoCAD or Microstation CAD drawing formats.

    Every element from the original blueprint is captured and re-created as vector line data. Converted files will be drawn based on the original plan dimensions and layered to AIA standard conventions or customized to meet your specific CAD standards.

    IMR Digital has more than 30 years of experience in helping institutions and historical societies convert and preserve their one-of-a-kind paper maps. Our document specialists are skilled in working with all kinds of fragile and one-of-a-kind paper records. With each map conversion project, IMR Digital follows a strict production process designed to preserve and protect every unique item during the digital conversion process.

    IMR Digital’s large format, rotary scanning equipment can digitize full color, high-resolution scans of engineering blueprints, maps and more. Our facility is equipped to convert all types of large format documents into microfilm format for archival storage as well. Our bonded and insured couriers follow an ironclad chain-of-custody protocol to ensure the security of your documents every step of the way.
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    Converting Paper Publications Promotes Public Access

    Providing public access to books, magazines and newspapers in their original form can challenging. Both the publication and the user have to be in the same place and it’s not uncommon for one-of-a-kind items to be damaged from use.

    That’s why IMR Digital has developed our Publication Conversion service. Our 25,000-square-foot production facility is equipped to handle scanning and conversion of all types of books and publications. We provide a temperature-controlled, secure storage and stringent security protocols to protect your publications during the conversion process. Our skilled conversion technicians will carefully prepare all publication documents to ensure the quality of the conversion files and preservation of the original document.

    Highlights Magazine, a children’s favorite for generations, counts on IMR Digital to digitize their publication backlist.

    We Can Help Transform Your Publication Archives From A Storage Expense Into A Revenue Generator.

    Many times bound publications, like books, are too valuable or fragile to be unbound for scanning conversion. IMR Digital has specialized scanning equipment that captures the entire publication page.

    Our scanners can capture pages in any book as a single page or a double-page spread. Sophisticated software provides curvature correction on all pages.

    The benefits of the IMR Digital scanning solution is that it will enable your organization to reduce storage expenses and provide fast access to your documents. Scanning documents combined with a comprehensive information management process will improve efficiencies, internal operations and workflow.

    Most magazines retain print copies of their publication backlist, some dating back decades. Maintained as a historical reference and record of accomplishment, in their original paper format, these backlists are difficult to access.

    IMR Digital offers a unique scanning and conversion process for magazine backlists. Our large-format, high-resolution scanners can capture single page or a double-page spreads. Once in digital format, magazine archives become an asset. Easy access, OCR search capabilities provide quick reference for publisher’s staff as well as the possibility of transforming them from a storage expense into a revenue generator.

    IMR Digital has over 30 years of experience in helping libraries and historical societies preserve and protect valuable records of the past. Our sophisticated large format scanning equipment allows us to capture historical newspapers into high quality images as digital files or on microfilm. Having duplicate records of newspaper archives prevents the prospect of losing years of history.If the newspaper pages are digitized as PDF files, IMR Digital can also perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing to make each record searchable. OCR allows people doing genealogical research in past issues of the newspapers search by family name or other relevant phrases to find articles.
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    Eliminate the Need For Paper File Storage Space and Increase Your Productivity

    For about the same money you’re paying to just store your documents, IMR Digital’s Scan On Demand solution can convert your documents into easily accessible digital files.

    Most organizations have large amounts of information stored in paper form, often in boxes or file cabinets that are not well organized or clearly labeled. Legal, accounting and regulatory requirements demand that you retain the files, but, if you ever do need to refer to them, finding the right file is next to impossible.

    Scan On Demand Allows You to Convert Your Paper Documents to Digital Files as You Need Them

    IMR Digital’s Scan On Demand starts with storing your files in our secure facility. We use state of the art bar coding to log in your documents and track their location in our online database, allowing us to quickly find the specific carton and files you need.

    As you need specific paper files, we will locate them, convert the documents to digital format and send the files to you. Your records can be delivered to authorized personnel via fax, e-mail or courier delivery.

    Eventually, all of your stored files will be converted into digital files, ready for use with any enterprise content management system. The best part is that all of this is done under a controlled budget. You decide how many documents are converted each month.

    If you’re using a document storage facility to house your inactive files, you know how quickly costs can add up. Month after month, you pay the storage fees. And when you need to access your files, it costs you even more. Solve your file storage problems once and for all with Scan On Demand.

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    With IMR Digital’s Scan On Demand There’s No More Wasting Time Or Money Searching Through File Cabinets Or Storage Boxes


    Scanning and Conversion Services for All Types of Specialty Documents

    IMR Digital’s production facility is equipment to process digital conversions for all types of specialty document. Talk with our conversion specialist to discover how we can convert your paper documents into digital format.

    Talk with our conversion specialist to discover how we can convert your specialty documents into digital format.

    Our skilled technicians can scan large format engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural and other specialty documents to digital or microfilm formats. Whether you will be utilizing the converted digital file for existing workflow or for archival storage, IMR digital delivers high quality images.

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    Client Kudos

    Manually monitoring our 20+ printers’ toner level, data connection, and handling repairs took a great deal of my time and energy. KDI’s Managed Print Services has saved us 20% per month while giving me a seamless solution to this time-consuming task. In addition to the cost savings, they’ve simplified our printing, our supply replacement, gave us onsite service, and made it easier for our IT Department. I love their quick turnaround and that they take care of everything.

    Krista McCue, Case Paper

    KDI has quickly risen as a key partner in the document needs of Bethanna. As a non-profit with a small IT team, KDI is always there to lend a hand; their flexibility and professionalism is outstanding. We are in a much better place with our copier fleet as well, and more recently with our smaller printers, THANKS to KDI’s work and service mentality.

    Matt Smith, Bethana

    KDI has been a fantastic partner for the Staten Island Yankees, providing us with first class equipment and first class service. When we decided to find a new Official Office Technology Provider, we were put in touch with KDI. Our representative worked with us each step of the way to ensure that we were able to get the right equipment to fit our needs. They really made the entire process very easy on us!

    Jay Nazzaro, Staten Island Yankees

    KDI is not looking for a sale but a long term partner. They took the time to listen to our needs and present an appropriate solution. From explaining the rollout to delivery and set up, KDI provided exemplary service every step of the way. They also worked with our MIS team to ensure everything was working correctly. The following day we were trained on our new equipment and upon leaving were told if we had any issues we could contact them directly and they would solve any problem. It is a credit to KDI to have such loyal and friendly staff.

    Brian Lisiecki, CORT / A Berkshire Hathaway Company

    Have you ever been “sweet-talked” into leasing or purchasing a certain piece of office equipment only to be delivered another model completely? We have! Suddenly the salesman isn’t available or does not answer your frantic calls. Your boss is not very happy right now ….. This scenario will never happen with KDI! I highly recommend KDI for your office copier needs.

    Mary Ann Cresta, Tully Memorial Presbyterian Church

    Thank you so much for shepherding us into the new IM C6000.  The UI is so much faster and is less complicated too. Those factors make the IM C6000 much easier to use. Also, thanks to KDI for being our office automation partner and to you for being a true professional Account Manager. It is the small things that you do that matter most to CFAR: keeping us up on newest trends, stopping by the office to see how we are doing even though our lease is not up for renewal and inviting us to the demo/showroom to take a look at what is coming next.

    Andrew Holowka, CFAR

    Our company uses KDI for all of our large printer needs (leases, maintenance, supplies).  Nancy Staub is our account rep and she provides excellent customer support.  She is extremely responsive, very friendly and quick to address any issues that may arise.  She monitors all open tasks related to on-site tech visits and supply orders to ensure everything is being done in a timely, efficient manner.  Nancy has exceeded our expectations and made printer management an easy process.

    Laura McDermott & Patty Moses, Metro Commercial Real Estate

    KDI customer service is without equal. The staff (especially Nancy Staub) is professional, knowledgeable and will do everything within their power to ensure their customer’s satisfaction!

    Kitty Huntley, Panzano+Partners

    I know that there are some demanding areas dealing with the business model but if I was to grade everything since I came on we have moved into the B+ range. That is taking all into consideration. As we both grow and cultivate the relationship there are going to be challenges. As long as we address them and come to an agreement there should not be any issues. Rob continues to go above and beyond for this agency and in my opinion should be Employee of the Month, Man of the Year or whatever designation your company equals to. He is an amazing man not just a rep. He does plenty for the community and our agency. You both have stepped up and done wonders for this account. Keep it up cause I sure can use vendors of your caliber.

    Christopher McDonald, Oaks Integrated Care

    I have been using a KDI copier for the past two years in my office, and have always been completely satisfied by its performance. It does an excellent job with whatever task I throw at it. Adam keeps in touch just enough to know that I am valued as a customer but also to not overwhelm me as my date to date is very demanding. I will be speaking to Adam again shortly to determine the appropriate solution for my office when we move to our new location at the end of 2018. I’m happy to recommend the services of KDI Office Technology.

    Peter J. Kasper, Yards Brewing Company LLC
    CORA Services, Inc. was in the market for a new copier vendor in the spring of 2017. We reached out to several companies including KDI to provide proposals. We were thoroughly impressed by KDI’s professionalism, customer focus, and solutions orientation. KDI is a “tech forward” company that provides a range of technology solutions to improve efficiency and user experience. It is not just a “copier company”.   The team was sensitive to our business requirements and financial constraints and really worked with us to find a cost-effective package to meet our needs. The installation of the new units went smoothly, and our rep was extremely responsive throughout the process. The equipment itself requires little service or intervention from us because it notifies KDI directly when it needs supplies or service and to provide meter readings; our staff appreciates this new efficiency. One might expect for an Account Manager to be hands-off after the installation, yet ours continues to be attentive to our needs and helpful when questions arise. We feel that we have a true business partner in KDI and highly recommend them.
    Christine Matulewicz, CORA Services, Inc.

    Shortly after I started here 2.5 years ago, we were in search of a new copier. Not only did KDI provide options for us, they also researched what would be most needed for our type of business. The best part, they even told us what we didn’t need for our type of business. Who does that? … KDI!! We purchased a machine that turned out to be perfect for our employees’ needs and our business, Then, about six months later, we go the same machine for the offices on our second floor! KDI also has a wonderful leasing program, should you need financing, Customer Service, and a good price, is how I normally choose a company to work with. I could not be more pleased with our products or the service we have received from KDI. It ‘s great to work with a company that actually wants to help you. And, not just in the “honeymoon” phase, but years down the road. I would highly recommend KDI for any of your office copier, printer, etc. needs.

    Jackey McConnell, D4 Creative

    Please accept this notice of my personal recommendation of Keystone Digital Imagining (KDI). For over the past year, KDI has worked tirelessly with myself and my company’s Finance division to outline and strategize my organizations printing needs, requirements and overall paper footprint for both the present and near future. They have been essential in making us aware of where our business model can and needs to be to better control our overall print spending and have given us a clear vision moving forward on this endeavor. Our company, after many years of service with a multitude amount of vendor partners, was looking for fresh start with a vendor partner that listened and understood our concerns and issues. KDI has excelled at this for PMN and we as a company look forward to continuing being business partners with them for many more years to come. KDI has been on point with everything my company has tasked them with in the past year. And the level of communication and interaction is both respected and appreciated. I believe without question that KDI can also be an asset and benefit to your company as well. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions or concerns.

    Michael Cruz, Philadelphia Media Network
    Have you ever been “sweet-talked” into leasing or purchasing a certain piece of office equipment only to be delivered another model completely? We have! Suddenly the salesman isn’t available or does not answer your frantic calls. Your boss is not very happy right now ….. This scenario will never happen with KDI! I highly recommend KDI for your office copier needs.
    Janet Lipski, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

    The company is all about the support after your purchase. Our machines work beautifully mostly, but without good support what does it matter what functions a machine can perform.

    Wendy Derr, Sweet, Stevens, Katz, & Williams LLP

    KDI’s service is reliable, efficient, and effective. We can count on same day service and skilled technicians to resolve any issue quickly. We are very impressed by the organization and the top-notch professionalism and personal care given to our account.

    Amy Horowitz, Law Offices of Dashevsky, Horowitz, Kuhn and Novello, P.C.

    Ever since we started using KDI, we have had fewer problems and increased productivity. We send less work to outside print shops and are able to use the savings toward education and other programs. Your service technicians and IT engineers are always quick to respond and are very knowledgeable. KDI consistently goes above and beyond to ensure we have the correct mix of products to bring our mission and vision to fruition.

    Dario Bellot - Congreso, Pan American Charter School & Centro Estudiantes

    KDI technicians are always ready, accessible, and arrive in a timely fashion. Our representatives are very pleasant and easy to talk to. KDI has our best interest in mind and helps us to make choices that will most benefit the agency.

    Sandra Guinn-Styles, Children's Service, Inc.

    I wanted to commend KDI on an excellent job of providing quality equipment and prompt, efficient service at all of our campuses. Our teachers are demanding of our copying equipment and the Canons are workhorses! We know we can count on KDI to get the job done right and would recommend them highly to any school or non-profit organization.

    John Polk, Mastery Charter Schools

    As we reviewed my current needs, I was impressed how much KDI wanted to know about my business. Their concern was not with what kind of machine to sell, but what kind of machine was going to fit best within my environment and the type of work I do. Not only were we able to save money each month on service costs, but I learned new ways that my new machine could help to generate additional revenue. I really appreciate KDI’s consultative nature and responsiveness to questions and technical issues.

    Raymond Zdradzinski, Keystone Instant Printing

    KDI’s proposal saved us the most money for the lease of our copiers while obtaining better service on each machine. We found our sales rep and technician to be exceptionally professional and quite competent. Their attitude toward customer service is a reflection of KDI’s committment to service, dependability, and user-friendliness. We look forward to a long and rewarding collaboration together.

    Mark S. Sahli, Church of the Immaculate Conception

    With the ever changing world of technology and the need to manage document flow within  our school district, KDI has always provided state of the art solutions. We have been particularly impressed with their ability to help us identify our specific needs and filling those requirements with the right systems and services. As a result, we now achieve new levels of productivity. Annual reviews of the meter counts and the evaluation of our service and supply needs have helped make cost effective recommendations possible. In addition, KDI’s service department is second to none with response times averaging less than 4 hours in most situations.

    William H. Thompson, Board of Education / West Deptford Township Schools

    I was never more pleased with the gentlemen that installed our new copier – they could not have been more pleasant to work with. They went above and beyond what they were supposed to do.

    Pam Smith, Holman Automotive Group

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